"We are dedicated to a single vision; to develop our passion for clowning and sharing it with others through any avenue possible from events to education."

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Mr. Caboose, Diz-E and Suga' Belle... just clowning around at the New Port Richey Rec Center, Hurricane Expo!

Patty Cake was our Boss Clown for this great event and did a wonderful job as always! (we had 16 Clowns, scores of kids and adults... and lots of fun!)

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Congratulations to...

The Clown Krewe's

4th Annual Clown College Graduates!

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We had a great time at

Florida Clown Day 2011!

These are just a few of the "Krewe" that turned out for this annual event! (With everything going on there its hard to get everyone together for pics.) We had a large number of our members as well as 5 of our current Clown Academy students!

Way to go!


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