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In lieu of our August meeting and to help celebrate


we will be joining our friends at Asbury UMC on Saturday August 2, 2014 for their "Good Neighbor Gathering"! We need face painters, walk arounds, stilt walkers and baloon artist!

Come one and come all!

There will be inside activities and outside activities. Lets all join together to help make this awesome event a huge success!



The Clown Krewe and friends, during our Holiday dinner at I-Hop, December 2013

in lieu of our August meeting, we will be joing the

Visual MagicĀ 
7150 Congress St
New Port Richey, FL 34656 - USA
Retail (727) 748-8822


2013/2014 Clown Krewe Meeting Dates & Locations:

Tuesday September 9, 2014: at Visual Magic, Auditorium (6:30pm)

Tuesday October 14, 2014: at Visual Magic, Auditorium (6:30pm)

Tuesday November 11, 2014: at Visual Magic, Auditorium (6:30pm)

Tuesday December 9, 2014: at Visual Magic, Auditorium (6:30pm)

The 2013

Greg Henry Restoration Chasco Fiesta Street Parade!

We would like to say a very special "thank you" to Greg Henry for sponsoring not just our float, but sponsoring the entire parade! We had a blast and we hope you did too! Here are a few pictures from the parade. if you have more pics and would like to see them posted on our web site please email them to Quackers de Clown at wm.mcqueen@yahoo.com

The 2013 Best Use of Color Professional Float Chasco Fiesta Street Parade!

The Clown Krewe's Spectacular Sponsor!!!


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